Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Huawei's R & D: do not make martyrs Herald

Huawei has turned to self-development, and is market-oriented R & D, is a key to success of Huawei in the future. Ren Zhengfei sales and marketing experience make him understand: there is no market there would be no development, no strong customer relationships will be no stability in the product development. This "market first, customer-big" ideas, Huawei was the successful development of an important magic weapon.

Huawei today, we will appreciate the bold independent research and development that year, but we also see that, and then do a lot of "technical martyrs," the company different is that Huawei is a down to earth to do first, after the market to do technology, relying solely on self-funding and rolling development. With an active capital market in China, many start-ups have not from the company since the establishment of venture capital holding large pound R & D, which began as family property so there is no "prudent" to do R & D of Huawei completely different.

Later, Ren Zhengfei has repeatedly reminded the R & D, "Do not make martyrs, to do pioneer" and a note to the martyrs and pioneers: one step ahead is the pioneer and leading three steps are martyrs. It should be said, Huawei year to the road to independent research and development, and not ambitious to develop central office switch or a more advanced technology, but rather a pragmatic sales from best-selling machine at that time - the user switches the most low-end models start start; Huawei's R & D team within their means, starting from 6 individuals; Huawei's self-developed from the beginning to cross the river by feeling the stones, a product well, success, money and more to do several try.

Ren Zhengfei longer predict the future although I am good at grasping the trend of the times, but he is after all not a communications professional technical education. However, Huawei Ren Zhengfei time to independent research and development, still played a crucial role, this role is to undertake research and development to support almost all the responsibility. His role as covering the project manager, marketing manager, human resources management, financial and other responsibilities, these roles are a successful research and development projects required. Everyone in a business development project do not know the age of CEOs to personally take on a proficient market, gather good people, know how to control and manage the progress of the "project manager", project development will have much role in promoting ah!

Ren Zhengfei, Huawei started research and development path towards independence, when they assumed the role of Huawei in communications products and rapid technology development projects was the key to success. In contrast, many technology development experts, entrepreneurs origin, although no children of technology, but with a good team, no place for technical talent; or do not know the market is purely technical; or what would that do not know how control costs. Zhengfei not communications experts, it is a qualified R & D leader.

Although the road has begun to independent research and development, but did not give up the agency Huawei Hong Kong Companies switch. Huawei's technical strength with time, can develop up to 24 user switches, and Hong Kong, the company's switch to one with 200, 500, in short supply in the market, but also played half a year in advance reservation deposit of goods. Huawei "Agent + independent research and development," walking on two legs have been gone for years, "survival first" is always the main lines Ren Zhengfei heart.

Huawei started in 1988 by agents of foreign products in China to establish sales network, the user market foothold in the unit, then through the independent research and development and production to achieve the development, production and sales of train. Huawei's sales in 1992 topped 100 million yuan.

Huawei is the choice when Ren Zhengfei desperate; Huawei independent R & D, Huawei survive the necessary. Huawei early, full of the purpose of "live" the story of fighting for survival, may not be glamorous, but it is a true portrayal of the time. Huawei's "pot of gold" from a network of resources and the experience of Ren Zhengfei; early Huawei's R & D, in addition to give the talent to create a good atmosphere to do business, but also simple Debu what is left. Book mentioned in Chapter 5 of Zhengfei personnel policies to make a camel like a magnet attracting Huawei Guo Ping, Lisa Cheng with such a large number of personnel. Experienced ups and downs of the boss, hard-working and talented R & D talent, Huawei's market-oriented, these constitute the foundation of Huawei started research and development. In the early 90s, Huawei is this combination of a number of outstanding factor in the operation of Huawei Ren Zhengfei platform and began to write a one exceptionally fresh and unique R & D Symphony.

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