Friday, September 24, 2010

Shanghai Municipal Labor and Social Security Bureau announced "cold, hot" career

Shanghai Municipal Labor and Social Security Bureau recently announced the first quarter of 2006, the labor market, "cold", "hot" job list, data, and technical positions hot hot, high-tech high complex-type position is more demand.

Positions from the first quarter, demand and supply situation, the employer demand is greatest "electronic engineering technician," the number of straight monthly high of 10,000 yuan, the low number is not less than 1,500. According to analysis, electronic engineering technology class job demand has risen, mainly due to the development of high-tech industries in Shanghai, led the automation, electronic equipment installation, maintenance and commissioning projects such as the rise of electronic engineering technology.

Shanghai senior professional public recruitment network information analysts, electronic engineering technician job category demand in the coming period will continue to maintain strong development momentum, but the unit of the applicant's professional qualifications and experience requirements are high, the proposed fresh students first participated in the Shanghai "Young Professional Attachment Programme" to provide "electronic engineering technician," the student category, and then start accumulating some experience.

In the first quarter, "Chief clerk" is still in demand, but the number of monthly high of 6,000 yuan, low number of only 1,000 yuan, due to be paid "executive clerk" not only deal with simple administrative matters, but about the "management" of business, such as help companies improve management and expand sales, speed up the design of commodity logistics, planning or execution.

Analysts believe that the prospects for career development from the point of view, "the Chief Clerk," quest for the "high pay", in addition to a grasp of basic word processing, coordination and communication abilities, needs to expand the knowledge structure and develop awareness of innovation, enhance planning capabilities to form a deep expertise.

Sudden emergence of the "print operator" the number of monthly high of 5,000 yuan, low number of only 1,200 yuan. In-depth analysis, not difficult to find: the traditional print operators declining demand, increasing the printing of new types of computers, laser typesetting and other technical requirements. On the one hand, this reflects the newspapers, magazines and other traditional media and Internet advertising companies such as mutual penetration between new media, so the short term this change will continue; the other hand, the past two years despite the growing ranks of Internet users, but this does not mean disappearance of the traditional print media, as people reading habits, and many other factors, and is expected in the next longer period of time the demand for publishing and printing technicians will maintain steady or increased.

Analysts noted that the current labor and social security departments have been provided for such professionals is very good training facilities and opportunities, job seekers should make full use of public training base to improve skills, gain experience, to complete from the "low" to " paid "by leaps and bounds.

To CNC machining workers represented by the supply of technical personnel a gap, again highlighting the Shanghai high-skilled talent "shortage" of the status quo. Shanghai public recruitment network statistics, a quarter of employers were recruiting CNC Machinist nearly 4,000 people out of the monthly salary of up to 6,000 yuan, but the results come less than 1,000 candidates. As high-tech composite post and CNC Machine Tool and practitioners not only need to operate with a traditional machine tool technology, but also in computer programming, geometric analysis have certain skills.

In recent years, various types of beauty salon staff increased the number of training classes, but with the rapid development of the beauty salon chain industry compared to the enormous demand for workers is still far from. At present, the beauty salon related jobs every three posts, only one candidate.

Analysts pointed out that the numerical control machine tool workers, beauticians, hairdressers will be included in the types of jobs require access to vocational qualifications catalog, but because the current holders of these certificates limited number of job seekers, so the demand for labor units often can not be effectively met . Experts suggest that job-seekers and timely attention to the labor security department access to types of vocational qualification issued by catalog, by participating in training to obtain relevant identification certificates, take a good first step towards employment success.

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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Liu Lanjuan for the "Digital Economy and Finance" bottoming

Construction of College information and application forms can be divided into three types.

The first fully operational model. Information covering school teaching, research, students, equipment, personnel, finance, office automation, records management, etc. most of the links, mainly some of the typical comprehensive key university. According to preliminary statistics, this type of account for the "211 Project" of 15%.

This comprehensive type of concrete construction model can be divided into two types: first, the school Information Office (Information Network Center) lead, Quanmian responsible for system development, system Jia Gou Zai 缁熶竴 technology platform, enabling concentration of resources 鏁版嵁 鍏变韩; Second, the business separately from the school building, local high degree of automation, but as a whole can not achieve real-time data sharing, the overall process can not be optimized.

Second, local application type. Cover part of the school of information management, such as financial accounting, teaching and management. This typical college major to major colleges and universities represented in some places. According to statistics, this type of account for the "211 Project" of 85%.

Third, the type of infrastructure. Information work remains at the infrastructure level, including the campus network, website, computer room construction. Some of these universities are mainly common institutions, such as the characteristics of higher.

By comparison, the "Shanghai University of Finance and the information construction is in full swing by the Information Office of the lead." Assistant president of Shanghai University of Finance Liu Lanjuan that the function has been basically achieved full coverage, and build a unified data center and technology platform to realize centralized management of resources and sharing of data; the same time the construction of business systems to process optimization as the core, something management, information services, decision support application-oriented, and comprehensively promote the modernization of the school management changes.

Compared with domestic universities, the Shanghai University of Finance and Information has a uniform coding rules, unified platform for information dissemination, data sharing guidelines for reunification, identification unity, unity of teaching equipment management, teaching aids and teaching resources, unified platform, unified platform, a notable feature.

Shanghai University of Finance and Principal Assistant Liu Lanjuan

Information technology into the "top three" of strategy

At Shanghai University of Finance, Liu Lanjuan is the main control school construction and application of information technology to work, is responsible for campus network and information system in two parts. Liu Lanjuan that the campus network was developed based on value-added services for assisted teaching services; information system construction is combined with the campus development, interaction and mutual promotion of the teaching as excellent is the case.

Speaking of Shanghai University of Finance and Construction, Liu Lanjuan eloquent.

As early as in the "Ninth Five-Year" and "15" period, Shanghai University of Finance in the Development Plan proposed the construction of the concept of information and ideas. In the "Eleventh Five-Year Plan" and the decomposition of information technology implementation plan, the school and further defined the goal of information technology: in 2010, built with advanced technology, integrated, safe, reliable, first-class level of the campus information system improve services and infrastructure from the network layer to the data resource layer, application layer, service layer information architecture building; full support for school personnel training, scientific research and social services, to improve school management, school quality and resource utilization .

Shanghai University of Finance and the "" 15 "Development Plan" clearly put forward the "top three" of the strategic objective of building a modern, international, information technology framework for the development of first-class socialist university. As a result, the official information technology into the school strategic development framework.

According to the objectives and requirements, Shanghai University of Finance and information technology follows the "overall planning, unified construction, step by step, resource sharing," the guiding ideology, adhere to the "advanced design concepts, technical programs mature, management, process optimization," the basic principles of information blueprint for the overall planning for the phased construction of the content, ensuring the overall integration of information technology, rolling forward and sustainable development.

Through four stages of information technology

Recalling Shanghai University of Finance and information technology course, Liu Lanjuan feeling a lot. She believes that the "Ninth Five-Year" to the latter half of the "15" first half of the Shanghai University of Finance and key information is based on the construction of the campus network as the core hardware construction, since 2003, is the school began construction of a comprehensive access to information of.

Period, mainly through the four stages.

From May 1997 to August 1999, to start the construction phase. Schools through the implementation of the campus network a project to build a campus network system, a simple structure and the campus network backbone, provides Web, FTP, e-Mail and other basic network services. Shanghai University of Finance earlier this become one of the institutions into the campus network.

September 1999 to June 2003, for the key construction stage. Campus network through the implementation of the second phase, to build a fairly complete the campus network as well as some single-point applications (financial accounting system, management system, research funding, scientific research assessment system, teaching management system and i-Class Network Teaching System, etc.) .

From July 2003 to October 2008, for the full construction phase. In the implementation of the campus network 3 and 4 construction, further improve the network infrastructure at the same time, comprehensively promote the "digital campus" project construction, have been carrying out a campus card, public data and technology platform, personnel management, financial management, teaching management, student management, office automation, asset management, records management, academic journals, foreign affairs administration, graduate enrollment management, more than 10 System. Since 2005, the start of the project to be completed and put into use.

Starting from November 2008 into the deepening of applications, improve service stage. Shanghai University of Finance began the construction of information network infrastructure, network applications and management services to complete the transition to complete phase information management and information services for knowledge management and knowledge sharing.

Enter the deepening applications, improve service phase, Liulan Juan said: "From this, we will open a 'large number of financial' construction of a new chapter."

Information technology lead to four points Inspiration

Liu Lanjuan does not deny that, like other universities, the Shanghai University of Finance and road construction information, has also gone through some rough road. "In school information construction process, has also faced a system target was not clear, management processes is not clear, message definitions are not standardized, Bian Ma and the platform does not Tong Yi, information Ji Cheng Xing difference and the IT staff Quefa, 鏍″洯 card type more and Gongneng incomplete Deng difficulties and problems. "

However, this Liulan Juan that this was an asset: "builders of the unremitting exploration and hard practice, the development of information technology for the future, the school has accumulated valuable experience."

Liu Lanjuan combination of Shanghai University of Finance passed the information construction of the road, there are four points that inspiration and experience to share with you.

Must adhere to the overall planning, unified construction, step by step in the overall integration on the basis of resource sharing.

In the implementation of major construction projects, the planning guide is essential. Planning is definitely not "drawing on paper, hanging on the wall," he admits, but integral program of action. In 2002 and 2005, schools are developing a "three-building campus information planning", "" Eleventh Five-Year "plan of information" and its decomposition implementation plan.

Under the guidance of unified planning, the relevant functional departments to develop a unified coding standard and unified information technology platform to ensure the overall information technology integration. Meanwhile, according to business systems development priorities and the achievement of the degree of difficulty, developed a phased implementation plan for information technology to teaching, personnel, financial, portal and campus cards as a breakthrough, and gradually to the student management, office automation, asset management , research management to develop, to ensure the information construction of rolling forward and sustainable development.

Long-term constraint for resources in the state of the university, the consolidation and integration is the only way to improve efficiency.

Shanghai University of Finance over the years into a unified platform for information dissemination conducive to information disclosure, information sharing and information services; uniform guidelines for data sharing, help to optimize management processes, and promote teamwork and improve resource utilization; unified identity, have conducive to integrated use of various types of information and promotion system; unified teaching equipment management, help to improve efficiency and protect the normal teaching; unified teaching assistant platform, help strengthen education management and improving teaching quality; unified platform of teaching resources, there help enrich and expand learning ways of teaching resources.

Therefore, the establishment of a unified information management school building specialized agencies, on the school's information technology organization and play a coordinating role, it is extremely necessary. It is the development of the overall situation from the school to co-ordinate the construction of information systems, can comprehensive utilization of software resources and hardware resources to facilitate the realization of maximum benefit of resources.

Must adhere to the demand-driven optimization process, standardize the management, promotion of information technology management system within the school.

Demand is the starting point for action. Development of international high level of information the university, one of the factors of its success is that, in the process of building information in order to uphold the application of all core and starting point for the idea. Only by starting from the real needs of advancing information technology in order to fully mobilize the participation of various departments and faculties, information technology initiative and enthusiasm, and then by stimulating potential demand, information technology can promote changes in other areas of the school.

To this end, Shanghai University of Finance to promote information technology as a school modernization, optimization of the internal governance structure of the important opportunity to apply the demand-driven information technology.

After two rounds of teaching management system construction, the school has been able to fully support all types of teaching management students. Standardized management through a combination of undergraduate and graduate teaching research and teaching focus on the characteristics of ability to optimize the design of teaching undergraduate and postgraduate management processes (such as mentoring undergraduate teaching management in new management, complete credit management, multi-semester system management and creative team management ) meet the requirements of the school teaching, teachers and classrooms to promote the optimal allocation of teaching resources.

Financial management system to budget management as a leader, to achieve the budget, accounting and analysis of integration levels to meet the financial management needs of colleges; personnel management system is around the human resource planning, reasonable Shegang, performance appraisal objectives, support for personnel administration separation of management and academic decision-making to achieve the online recruitment, job evaluation, faculty evaluation, salary, self-service functions.

Practice shows that only the integration of various departments and business process reengineering to achieve information sharing within the school, while maintenance of clear information providers the responsibility of management to break the barriers between departments, eliminating information silos, improve performance. If the school system and education system by the students of business process integration, to achieve a student from school, training to graduate and management of all affairs.

Information providers in the maintenance responsibilities, clear the basic information faculty, school organizations unified information system management and maintenance personnel, students basic information, incentive information, and unified by the students to manage and maintain.

At present, the management system of teachers teaching the basic information, title information from the personnel system for automatic; personnel assessment title automatically from the teaching evaluation system for teachers, teaching information, teaching information, and other incentives, to avoid repeated guidance of teachers, departmental managers repeatedly reviewed the data and so on, effectively improving work efficiency.

Therefore, the information technology colleges have become the driving force level management system and technical support, and promote the school from the micro-management to macro management, from direct management to indirect management, from process management to management by objectives, from the examination and approval to service management changes.

Must adhere to people-centered, student-oriented, comprehensive system for high-quality information services to promote the harmonious development of the school.

People-oriented is the inevitable requirement of building a harmonious campus. Experience has shown that any reform initiatives within the university, as long as from the fundamental interests of teachers and students, will be able to win the widest support, the most widely supported.

Years of information technology in the process, the schools to be "people-oriented, optimization staff and students information services" concept, the establishment of a unified information portal, unified authentication technology to realize user single sign-on, school development for teachers dynamic, rules and regulations, teaching and research related to personal status and income, health and other information; to provide students with dynamic teaching, training plans, achievements, awards, various student activities and campus card spending and other information; for the new teachers and students one-stop based services, new teachers can get the portal account, e-mail, campus cards, campus services, students can be informed by individual school registration card number, classes, accommodation, fees and other information.

Information System to improve the students and staff satisfaction, and promote harmony within the school and enhance the driving force of sustainable development in schools.

Liu Lanjuan particular emphasis on: the school experience in information technology is also given to us by inspiration: while the information system must be synchronized information standards and systems of the building, which is the smooth construction of information system security and reliable operation; information technology must establish a good building management system, must receive the attention and participation of leaders at all levels, must have more adequate information technology human resources, information technology is to ensure organizational guarantee 椤哄埄 鎺ㄨ繘; must address information technology and modernization, internationalization of the relationship.


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