Thursday, October 21, 2010

Lu Morrison: leading subordinates to make decisions

"Guide subordinates to look at leadership issues, guiding channel providers to the perspective of the overall market."

Lu Morrison: leading subordinates to make decisions
As a professional manager, Trend Micro (China) Co., Ltd. General Manager Lu Li Chen think they should be loyal to the undertakings, while maintaining a kind of passion - to present the work as their own business to its full completion.
His subordinates more education: everyone should do every thing must stand the test of history, because whether it is the matter of the process or outcome, will remain imprinted in history.
Lu Li-chen, when dealing with business, accustomed to dealing with each case on the common characteristics of the analysis, so as to possible future similar incidents establish a solution sample. Encounter problems, do not, "the sake of discussion", but also forward-looking to establish some coping mechanisms. This means that the next time a similar situation, can take this as a timely case processing.
On the other hand, Lu Li Chen would like subordinates to develop their own thinking habits. Once a subordinate their specific operation of the market should ask for instructions on how to start, Lu Li-chen did not directly state his own views, but cleverly asked: "Suppose you are managing, then how do you think should be?" Somewhat accidents do not understand the intention of subordinate moment, had replied: "Why do you ask me? such a thing is best left to you to decide it." Morrison insisted in Lu subordinates express my opinion, he patiently The possibilities were analyzed, and eventually convincing each other to find the final solution.
Later, Lu Li Chen to tell their own mind: everyone in the decision problem, one needs to think, on the other hand have the courage to face pressure. Sometimes, only when faced with a choice of time, will truly reflect. Principles and directions in the given circumstances appropriate delegation of authority, and then to moderate pressure, in order for the subsidiary to create a better training and learning opportunities.
In addition, when subordinates feel that companies should change the time, the company issued new policies and new ideas to implement them will be more smooth, problem-solving efficiency of the whole team will be greatly increased.
Morrison appears in Lu, a lot of employees do not like to make decisions and express their views, it is also an expression of reluctance responsible. If the top can do "know the answer does not jump to the conclusion," so that the following have the opportunity and time to express their ideas, appropriate delegation of authority, would be more beneficial to enhance the ability of subordinates.
For the channel, Lu Li-chen and that they should not simply the price policy makers rely on as co-operation, and to strive for a higher level, and vendors with the real selling point of the product to compete for customers, not simply price-cutting. (Zengxian Yong)

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"Antivirus" thoroughly test Who "first names like"


End of the year the occasion, but also to the major antivirus software vendors started to push when the new version of antivirus software, just as one has already kicked off the New Year show, Kaspersky 7.0, Kingsoft Internet Security 2008, Norton 2008, Rising, 2008, Jiang China KV2008, five anti-virus software very early stage and put, for fear that ordinary people see squandering fans eyes, so I made specifically to an examination of these anti-virus software, here to talk about how this several antivirus software which excels.

Installation test (out of 5)

Kaspersky 7.0

Test scores: 5 points (need to restart after installation)

Kaspersky 7.0 installation and the installation of version 6.0 is basically similar to the additional "enable self defense before installation" option, this feature can prevent computer viruses in existence install failures occur, some will be soft for the kill Installation of virus isolation played a role.

Kingsoft Internet Security 2008

Test scores: 5 minutes (do not need to reboot after installation)

Details of the installation of Kingsoft summary style as always, the installation process is very humane, doubts are there to help with the installation of specific explanations. 08 version before installing the implementation of "pre-installation scan" setting, will focus on the soft kill the virus prior to clean up.

Norton 2008

Test scores: 4 points (need to restart after installation)

Norton 2008 installed with the new interface design, the installation process is very simple, as long as you can go along next to complete the installation. Installation can also choose to "pre-installation scan" setting.

Rising 2008

Test scores: 4 points (need to restart after installation)

Rising 2008 edition of Rising Antivirus previous series is not much change in the basic installation, you just answer a few simple questions in advance, can successfully start the installation process. Meanwhile, the installation process Rising also arranged a "pre-installation scan" of this feature.

Jiangmin KV2008

Test scores: 3 minutes (do not need to reboot after installation)

Jiangmin KV2008 previous version of the installation is also essentially unchanged, but in 08 versions, such as "virus scan before installation," "virus database upgrade" and other operations require the user manually. The friends are not familiar with computer operation, this type of design becomes somewhat irrational.

Anti-virus test (out of 5)

Ability as the best embodiment of antivirus, anti-virus software for malicious files often requires the timely, accurate and specific intercept, tips, and clear. In this test, I downloaded a threat in the system simulation files and the release of the threat of malicious behavior document, five anti-virus software detected in the treatment of these malicious acts any different manifestations:

Kaspersky 7.0

Test scores: 4 points

Kaspersky's file monitor can more accurately find the threat of being downloaded files, and prompts the user to delete. Kabbah also be downloaded and the threat of malicious acts are intercepted and pop-up prompts bubble paper: "There is malicious HTTP object; detected Trojan." But this kind of display information incomplete, it is inexplicable. For users who can not read, the bubble pops up and does not make sense. Threat in the release of documents, Kaspersky found the threat of the release of its intercept, but did not produce the release of the threats found malicious files.

Kingsoft Internet Security 2008

Test scores: 5 points

Duba real-time anti-virus files downloaded straight to intercept the threat accurately, and the threat of being downloaded to send to the Jinshan flashget.exe credible certification system to identify authentication, then returned and found falshget.exe as normal files, the bubble is given to prompt the user; If you find that the file is unknown, the threat level based on different treatment is given. Threat in the release file, it will release the virus program WinRar.exe Send to Jinshan credible certification system to identify certified, and returned to normal files and found WinRar.exe given bubbles to prompt the user. If the discovery is unknown, the threat level based on different treatment is given.

Norton 2008

Test scores: 4 points

The threat to file for download, Norton 2008 prompts the user automatic protection against a security risk, so the threat of malicious acts on the download file the user may be totally unaware. Norton has released intercepted the threat of living, but the same, and did not find the release of the threat of malicious files.

Rising 2008

Test scores: 3 points

Download in falshget threat file not found and the intercept Rising. After entering in the download will be stored in the virus directory and file operations until the threat, Rising file monitoring to detect it. Similarly, the threat in the release of documents, Rising and did not find and intercept, to operate only when the virus can be detected. This is no way to detect malicious behavior is detected the release of the threat of malicious file, this feature is useless.

I deliberately set the settings in the system reinforce the system directory check on the file and then simulated the release of a threat to the system directory of the test, this time only to find Rising live release of active defense to intercept the threat of WinRar, but requires users to identify themselves whether this procedure reliable and allows users to manually whitelist, so the treatment needs of the user a better understanding of the software Caixing.

Jiangmin KV2008

Test scores: 4 points

Jiangmin KV2008 threat in falshget download file has not been found and the intercept, and also to wait for threats to download Rising After entering the store directory, to monitor the operation of threats detected the virus. Jiangmin KV2008 can find and be able to intercept the threat to release the documents, but found no way to release the threat of malicious behavior document file.

Defense test (out of 5)

Ability of active anti-virus and Charles Royal has become the main core function in parallel, the project included more recently by a Web page trojan, its a great role to play, has become the supplier of many competing security products, a publicity hot, the principal of each anti-virus software features, the author also made some assessment:

Kaspersky 7.0

Test scores: 3 points

In the active defense, though defense Kaspersky known, but it seems more likely from those who may or imminent destruction to prevent, seek to be nipped in the bud the threat of all stages, the results do not support system vulnerability detection and so on.

Kingsoft Internet Security 2008

Test scores: 4 points

Duba's highlight feature is the "malicious acts of interception," in the system take the initiative to block malicious behavior, and intelligence to determine whether the automatic processing of malicious acts, the performance in actual use is quite a prize.

Norton 2008

Test scores: 5 points

In this five anti-virus software comparison test system security, Norton security detection system can simply determine whether to open their own control, the most easy to operate.

Rising 2008

Test scores: 4 points

The software monitors system activity through dynamic process of action, to the rules under the pre-inspired engine, detection of possible programs contain malicious code, this feature also earned high scores.

Jiangmin KV2008

Test scores: 3 points

Anti-Trojan wall on the page, the Jiangmin KV2008 "new website to monitor" is unique, but because of its interface design, set up very easily.

I Summary: The author of this second test is mainly from two user-friendly and practical point of view, the use of a common user experience as the main test basis, from the entire testing process, it made anti-virus software, ease of use and killing ability of the virus aspects of performance is very good; the same time, Norton anti-virus software and other foreign defense in the performance of the virus is still very satisfactory. Here, I sincerely hope that the domestic anti-virus software can learn from each other, to provide users with better anti-virus software!

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Alert! Memory part of the address damage caused by crash

Friends to buy a new computer, install the Windows XP operating system, used for some time found a great game to play when the total crashes, if after entering the operating system does not play the game situation, so often in the opening of a a program or file crashes when the phenomenon, but the latter is erratic.

Because it is newly installed machine, I think this may be the operating system or hardware problem, first enter the system, view the Startup Items is it too much, the results did not find the procedure unnecessary items; view the CPU usage is also normal; one by one to open procedures no problem, but speed is not slow, did not use more than 10 minutes, "relapse." Then a friend jokingly said: "is not met no wrong with you scared?" I know this is intermittent computer failure, so there is no guard from mentally. Then open the crash that caused the game overall, just run 34 minutes to hang up. After the forced reboot the computer self-test were normal, and then into the Windows system interface, no other writer on the series of all starts completed several programs open, when open to the fifth program Shiyou crash occurred. Then think the problem may be in memory or memory, the friends said: If it is bad memory or a memory self-test to make life difficult for ah. I said: give it a try. So first, another memory, boot into the interface, everything is normal. Attached to open 78 program did not crash, close program, run the total crash of the game, but also normal, testing for a long time and no crashes occur. Did not in use after the recurrence of the problem.

Editing Tips

Through this example we can see the quality of memory is certainly because of damage or other reasons, a certain part of memory addresses, Dang Mo You use the computer Yunxingguocheng in this part of Dezhi Everything was fine, when Yongdao problems when they are on.

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