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Shanghai Municipal Labor and Social Security Bureau announced "cold, hot" career

Shanghai Municipal Labor and Social Security Bureau recently announced the first quarter of 2006, the labor market, "cold", "hot" job list, data, and technical positions hot hot, high-tech high complex-type position is more demand.

Positions from the first quarter, demand and supply situation, the employer demand is greatest "electronic engineering technician," the number of straight monthly high of 10,000 yuan, the low number is not less than 1,500. According to analysis, electronic engineering technology class job demand has risen, mainly due to the development of high-tech industries in Shanghai, led the automation, electronic equipment installation, maintenance and commissioning projects such as the rise of electronic engineering technology.

Shanghai senior professional public recruitment network information analysts, electronic engineering technician job category demand in the coming period will continue to maintain strong development momentum, but the unit of the applicant's professional qualifications and experience requirements are high, the proposed fresh students first participated in the Shanghai "Young Professional Attachment Programme" to provide "electronic engineering technician," the student category, and then start accumulating some experience.

In the first quarter, "Chief clerk" is still in demand, but the number of monthly high of 6,000 yuan, low number of only 1,000 yuan, due to be paid "executive clerk" not only deal with simple administrative matters, but about the "management" of business, such as help companies improve management and expand sales, speed up the design of commodity logistics, planning or execution.

Analysts believe that the prospects for career development from the point of view, "the Chief Clerk," quest for the "high pay", in addition to a grasp of basic word processing, coordination and communication abilities, needs to expand the knowledge structure and develop awareness of innovation, enhance planning capabilities to form a deep expertise.

Sudden emergence of the "print operator" the number of monthly high of 5,000 yuan, low number of only 1,200 yuan. In-depth analysis, not difficult to find: the traditional print operators declining demand, increasing the printing of new types of computers, laser typesetting and other technical requirements. On the one hand, this reflects the newspapers, magazines and other traditional media and Internet advertising companies such as mutual penetration between new media, so the short term this change will continue; the other hand, the past two years despite the growing ranks of Internet users, but this does not mean disappearance of the traditional print media, as people reading habits, and many other factors, and is expected in the next longer period of time the demand for publishing and printing technicians will maintain steady or increased.

Analysts noted that the current labor and social security departments have been provided for such professionals is very good training facilities and opportunities, job seekers should make full use of public training base to improve skills, gain experience, to complete from the "low" to " paid "by leaps and bounds.

To CNC machining workers represented by the supply of technical personnel a gap, again highlighting the Shanghai high-skilled talent "shortage" of the status quo. Shanghai public recruitment network statistics, a quarter of employers were recruiting CNC Machinist nearly 4,000 people out of the monthly salary of up to 6,000 yuan, but the results come less than 1,000 candidates. As high-tech composite post and CNC Machine Tool and practitioners not only need to operate with a traditional machine tool technology, but also in computer programming, geometric analysis have certain skills.

In recent years, various types of beauty salon staff increased the number of training classes, but with the rapid development of the beauty salon chain industry compared to the enormous demand for workers is still far from. At present, the beauty salon related jobs every three posts, only one candidate.

Analysts pointed out that the numerical control machine tool workers, beauticians, hairdressers will be included in the types of jobs require access to vocational qualifications catalog, but because the current holders of these certificates limited number of job seekers, so the demand for labor units often can not be effectively met . Experts suggest that job-seekers and timely attention to the labor security department access to types of vocational qualification issued by catalog, by participating in training to obtain relevant identification certificates, take a good first step towards employment success.

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