Saturday, October 9, 2010

Alert! Memory part of the address damage caused by crash

Friends to buy a new computer, install the Windows XP operating system, used for some time found a great game to play when the total crashes, if after entering the operating system does not play the game situation, so often in the opening of a a program or file crashes when the phenomenon, but the latter is erratic.

Because it is newly installed machine, I think this may be the operating system or hardware problem, first enter the system, view the Startup Items is it too much, the results did not find the procedure unnecessary items; view the CPU usage is also normal; one by one to open procedures no problem, but speed is not slow, did not use more than 10 minutes, "relapse." Then a friend jokingly said: "is not met no wrong with you scared?" I know this is intermittent computer failure, so there is no guard from mentally. Then open the crash that caused the game overall, just run 34 minutes to hang up. After the forced reboot the computer self-test were normal, and then into the Windows system interface, no other writer on the series of all starts completed several programs open, when open to the fifth program Shiyou crash occurred. Then think the problem may be in memory or memory, the friends said: If it is bad memory or a memory self-test to make life difficult for ah. I said: give it a try. So first, another memory, boot into the interface, everything is normal. Attached to open 78 program did not crash, close program, run the total crash of the game, but also normal, testing for a long time and no crashes occur. Did not in use after the recurrence of the problem.

Editing Tips

Through this example we can see the quality of memory is certainly because of damage or other reasons, a certain part of memory addresses, Dang Mo You use the computer Yunxingguocheng in this part of Dezhi Everything was fine, when Yongdao problems when they are on.

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