Thursday, October 21, 2010

Lu Morrison: leading subordinates to make decisions

"Guide subordinates to look at leadership issues, guiding channel providers to the perspective of the overall market."

Lu Morrison: leading subordinates to make decisions
As a professional manager, Trend Micro (China) Co., Ltd. General Manager Lu Li Chen think they should be loyal to the undertakings, while maintaining a kind of passion - to present the work as their own business to its full completion.
His subordinates more education: everyone should do every thing must stand the test of history, because whether it is the matter of the process or outcome, will remain imprinted in history.
Lu Li-chen, when dealing with business, accustomed to dealing with each case on the common characteristics of the analysis, so as to possible future similar incidents establish a solution sample. Encounter problems, do not, "the sake of discussion", but also forward-looking to establish some coping mechanisms. This means that the next time a similar situation, can take this as a timely case processing.
On the other hand, Lu Li Chen would like subordinates to develop their own thinking habits. Once a subordinate their specific operation of the market should ask for instructions on how to start, Lu Li-chen did not directly state his own views, but cleverly asked: "Suppose you are managing, then how do you think should be?" Somewhat accidents do not understand the intention of subordinate moment, had replied: "Why do you ask me? such a thing is best left to you to decide it." Morrison insisted in Lu subordinates express my opinion, he patiently The possibilities were analyzed, and eventually convincing each other to find the final solution.
Later, Lu Li Chen to tell their own mind: everyone in the decision problem, one needs to think, on the other hand have the courage to face pressure. Sometimes, only when faced with a choice of time, will truly reflect. Principles and directions in the given circumstances appropriate delegation of authority, and then to moderate pressure, in order for the subsidiary to create a better training and learning opportunities.
In addition, when subordinates feel that companies should change the time, the company issued new policies and new ideas to implement them will be more smooth, problem-solving efficiency of the whole team will be greatly increased.
Morrison appears in Lu, a lot of employees do not like to make decisions and express their views, it is also an expression of reluctance responsible. If the top can do "know the answer does not jump to the conclusion," so that the following have the opportunity and time to express their ideas, appropriate delegation of authority, would be more beneficial to enhance the ability of subordinates.
For the channel, Lu Li-chen and that they should not simply the price policy makers rely on as co-operation, and to strive for a higher level, and vendors with the real selling point of the product to compete for customers, not simply price-cutting. (Zengxian Yong)

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